How To Make A Discord Bot In 2023: From The Ground Up

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First, head to Your account should be logged in, so you’ll go straight to your account’s list of applications. Give the bot a name, then hit the button how to make a discord bot marked Save Changes. Rythm’s first evolution was written in Python, which isn’t a very performant language, so around the time we hit 10,000 servers , I realized this was the biggest roadblock.

how to make a discord bot

For this demonstration, we are giving admin permissions to the bot. The Discord bot should now leave the audio channel when you send the “leave” command. Further, the condition that follows the if statement checks if the connected server exists or not. If it does, it uses the Python string format method to output the new member’s username and the server they’ve joined. Here, you’ll program your Discord bot to reply with a custom message when you send a text in a channel. From the prompt, click Select a server and choose the one you created earlier.

JavaScript: The Most Popular Way to Make a Discord Bot

So, when Discord fires an event, will route the event data to the corresponding event handler on your connected Client. For example, let’s say you wanted to write the name and identifier of the guild that you registered your bot user with to the console. Your Client has connected to Discord using your bot’s token. In the next section, you’ll build on this Client by interacting with more Discord APIs. Finally, runs your Client using your bot’s token.

Lastly, you can now use the “node bot.js” command to run the bot. Additionally, we’ll also need a code editor to write and modify the bot functions. We’ll be using Visual Studio Code in this tutorial, although you’re free to use whichever you like. This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Darlene Antonelli, MA. Darlene Antonelli is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. Darlene has experience teaching college courses, writing technology-related articles, and working hands-on in the technology field.

Prepare Your Server

However, since this tutorial is about how to make a Discord bot, navigate to the Bot tab on the left-hand navigation list. An application allows you to interact with Discord’s APIs by providing authentication tokens, designating permissions, and so on. In the next section, you’ll learn how to make a Discord bot in Discord’s Developer Portal. With a bot, it’s possible to automatically react to the new member joining your guild.

how to make a discord bot

To simplify your life and start writing your bot as soon as possible, I would strongly recommend getting one of these libraries before starting development. We’ll talk about configuring your environment, choosing your IDE, and getting a library set up for Discord bot creation in the next section. You’ll have to replace ‘your token here’ with your bot’s token. To connect to your bot and add it to your Discord server, you’ll need to create an Application in Discord and then get your own Discord Bot Token assigned to you. You can find the full tutorial to a simple bot over at this link. To set up on your machine, you can follow the step-by-step process detailed here on the official wiki.

Setting Up Discord4J

First a new variable called encouragements is initialized as an empty array. The reason for this is that this section of code will send a message with an empty array if the database does not include an “encouragement” key. The next new section of code is used to add a new user-submitted message to the database.

how to make a discord bot

You can include a mix of static text—which will appear the same each time your Zap runs—along with whatever you field map. Select the channel you want the message to go to, such as a testing channel. Another benefit of using commands is the ability to convert parameters. Any Command function must accept at least one parameter, called ctx, which is the Context surrounding the invoked Command. The extensions library, ext, offers several interesting components to help you create a Discord Bot.

Send a Message With Your Discord Bot

Your bot will show as offline until you bring up and run your bot’s code. Even though this gets you pretty close to “no-code”, it still requires a little bit of programming knowledge in JavaScript, or at least the persistence to figure things out. This means that assuming your VPS has enough memory and bandwidth to handle your multiple bots, you can run multiple bots at once on a single server. We’ll be following along with our super detailed guide on Discord Bot Hosting to get our VPS up and running. Virtual Private servers are the most reliable way we’ve found to host a Discord bot and keep it online. Once you’ve got an SSH Client installed on your device, pull up your VPS Server Information Page and grab your login info.

  • Set up Uptime Robot to continuously ping the web server.
  • To do that, you have to acquaint yourself with some programming and steps to create your bot and add it to your server.
  • Now that we have a basic bot working, we’ll improve it.
  • Program your bot using the bot token and save the file.
  • Here is an example of the Discord AI chatbot that we will have built by the end of this tutorial.
  • Krystina Martinez Krystina writes about all things automation for the Zapier blog.

However, high visitor traffic on a Discord server can become a bit of a challenge for administrators. The moderation and chat bot MEE6 helps to make it easier to manage servers with multiple channels and members. Practical features like commands for administrators and visitors guarantee a pleasant user experience. The complexity of the coding process depends on the function you want to assign to your bot. The coding process for a simple ‘Greeting Bot’, for instance, isn’t going to be as complicated as, say, a ‘Music Bot’ that can play music from your preferred platform.

How to set up a Discord application project for your new bot

To decide which user donated, we’ll try to find a user whose username is a substring of the message received from Ko-fi. Donors must be instructed to provide their username in the message that they write when they make their donation. Before we dive into technical details, it’s important to understand how a user interacts with Discord and how Discord presents to a user. (The way it presents itself to bots is conceptually similar but, of course, non-visual). Official Discord applications are built on the same APIs that bots use. It is technically possible to run a bot inside of a regular user account with little modification, but this is forbidden by Discord’s terms of service.

Once done, you need to set up your own server to use the bot. You can then invite the bot to your server easily by following a few simple steps. Once the bot has arrived on your server, you can then code a function for it and use it in your server or assign it to other servers to which you have admin rights. To assign a bot function, we’ll use Node.js to access the discord.js Node library. You can download the latest version of Node.js from the official website. With the new Discord bot listing created, it’s time to invite the bot to your server.

How to Make a Discord Bot in Python

Once this is done though, you can give the link to your friends to have them add the bot to their servers as well. Before getting started with Discord bot creation you’ll first want to install Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment built on Google Chrome’s V8 engine. Start the Repl script by hitting Run, add the bot to a server, type something in the channel, and enjoy the bot’s witty response. Open a browser and enter the link shared above.