How To Turn Your Spare Bedroom Or Forgotten Corner Into A Functioning Home Office

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You’ll usually find her attempting DIY, whether it’s spray painting her whole kitchen, don’t try that at home, or ever changing the wallpaper in her hallway. Last year she moved from renting to owning her first teeny tiny Edwardian flat in London with her whippet Willow (who yes she chose to match her interiors…) and is already on the lookout for her next project. No need for anything huge, just enough space to fit one person comfortably. Busy couple, Mr & Mrs Hudson, longed for the chance to work from home more often but felt they needed a room that could be dedicated to their business and be quite separate from their family life. However, no spare rooms were available and they had no wish to move from their beloved home. They approached us to see if we could create a stylish solution to their quandary.

This is especially helpful if you need a place for tax documents or reference materials that aren’t used frequently. If there aren’t any existing shelves in the closet where you want to turn it into an office, add some. They’re easy enough to install and they’ll make the most of your storage options. If a trendy loft conversion office space is on your radar this year, why not consult a professional to help bring to life your visions? Share your plans with an expert by booking a free design visit online today to harness the potential of a bespoke and practical loft office space.

Hang shelves on the wall behind your desk

The best way to stay productive is to have a home office you can work from. Arnold Laver is a leading timber specialist, committed to delivering certified and high-quality wood products to both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts. As part of the National Timber Group, the largest independent timber distribution group, we offer a vast range of products that are carefully sourced and consistently meet the highest standards of quality. Whether you’re working on a large commercial project or a personal home renovation, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. Choose Arnold Laver for all your timber needs and experience the difference that comes from working with a trusted and knowledgeable partner.

They can conveniently attach to any wall, even a cabinet or perhaps a closet if need be. Some models even have the added bonus of being collapsible so they can disappear out of sight when not in use. I’m sure this feature would be right up the alley of the minimalistically minded or for people with limited floor space. Finally, choose storage options that match the style and decor of your home office. I personally love Mustard Made metal lockers as they come in many different colours to complement your style. One of the most important things to remember when setting up a home office in your bedroom is ergonomics.

Five ways to invite nature into your bedroom

One of the downsides of a loft conversion is that, because of the shape of a standard roof, you are often left with areas of dead space that are unoccupied and impractical to use. Sloped ceilings create narrow areas under the eaves and at the gable ends, all of which are triangular in shape. This size and shape makes it especially difficult to install furniture in these areas without wasting at least some of the available space, whether for storage or any other function. By following these home office setup ideas, you can create a workspace that is both functional and inspiring, helping you stay productive and motivated throughout the day. It has an unobtrusive, minimalist design that can fit with any interior style.

  • Think about the tasks you perform and tune your bedroom lighting for these tasks.
  • With a cloffice, you can shut the door at the end of the day, effectively removing the work area from your relaxing space when your day is finished.
  • If you’re one of these people, chances are you’re doing so to connect with your colleagues, change the scenery, or be more productive at home.
  • A personal gym at home means you can workout whenever you want, on your terms, and with no one else getting in the way!

Leitz has a range of home office essentials to create an efficient and relaxing working environment, no matter how much space you have. Many find themselves easily distracted by their family, while other may struggle to balance work and life, and many simply don’t have a dedicated space to work in peace. Lengths of finished timber can be painted or stained to complement the space, and can stand up to substantial weight, giving you a long-lasting storage solution. If they’re a way to add a personal touch to your home office with photo frames and ornaments, something delicate will do the job. But if you’re storing books, files or heavy electronics like printers and scanners, you need to look for something sturdier.

You bring the space, we bring the inspiration

If having natural light isn’t an option, you can also consider investing in light fixtures or lamps that will help keep you focused and productive. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting options until you find something that works for you. Do you have a walk-in closet, so it’s just a case of carving out some space for a desk and storage? Or is your closet more of a cupboard or an alcove, in which case you might want to get your DIY on. When it comes to building the walk-in wardrobe, you have the option of doing it yourself or getting a company involved. But converting a bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe is a complicated process as compared to building a simple wardrobe, so we feel that in this scenario, it is best to go with a company.

This is ideal for hanging smart trousers or jeans at the waistband, or suit jackets, which tend to be longer than shirts etc. A small amount of long hanging space is great for overcoats, but you can always store short garments here and have floor space below for a laundry basket etc. A bed frame with built-in storage compartments is not the only solution – there are several types of multifunctional furniture that are among the best ways to add storage space to a loft conversion. While this has the practical benefit of creating the extra loft storage you need, it can also allow you to build a stylish room that fits your aesthetic ambitions. A built-in storage system is a perfect solution because, in most cases, these units are designed to fit into these spaces and turn them into organised storage systems.

Space for everything in your life

The space we’re working with is narrow, so we chose ALGOT, as it’s flexible and can be built directly into the closet. You’ll need a good balance of rails, drawers, and open shelving for your different types of clothing. For us that means giving the interior a fresh coat of paint, adding curtains to add softness and close it off from view, and a few throw rugs for comfort and style.