Modern Technologies and BBQ

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While there’s still a place for great old-fashioned BBQ methods, new technologies are changing this traditional cooking method. From touchscreens to voice activated features, many of these new gadgets can make barbecuing more enjoyable and less time-consuming. Some allow you to keep track of your food’s temperature and the amount of lp was used. This will help you understand the correct techniques for broiling.

While barbecue aficionados may have rules and traditions that they swear by (such as choosing the right wood for different proteins or requiring specific rubs and sauces) it’s clear that consumers are keen to experiment with a range of flavors. In 2024, we will see a rise in global flavor fusion as barbecuers play with marinades, sauces, and rubs that are inspired by other cuisines. From spicy Korean gochujang to smokey Mexican chipotle, this fad is helping barbecuers take their palates around the world.

Smart grilling isn’t an en vogue trend at the moment, but a few manufacturers are exploring ways to add connected technology to their products to attract customers who might be in awe of the traditional barbecue method. For instance, one company is using sensors and software to create an intelligent BBQ which can tell how well the meat has been cooked in relation to its internal temperature. This could be a useful instrument for anyone who has ever been burned by undercooked or overcooked meat. It also helps reduce the risk of undercooking meat by ensuring that it’s properly cooked each time.